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Join us for a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Fall Intensive

Hosted by MVNC in collaboration with Vernetta Walker & Associates Consulting and Sage Consulting Network

MVNC, in partnership with Vernetta Walker & Associates Consulting and Sage Consulting Network, is delighted to present a comprehensive DEI Vineyard small group intensive experience throughout the Fall of 2022.

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Beyond the Board Statement: How Can Boards Join the Movement for Racial Justice? (Part One)

In this webinar session, nationally recognized governance, strategy, and equity consultants Vernetta Walker and Robin Stacia have an in-depth set conversation about how boards of directors can and should join the movement for racial justice.

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DE&I: Massachusetts Nonprofit Network

Information and tools for how nonprofit leaders and the community can do work at the DE&I level. 

Aysha Upchurch "Moves Toward Equity"

Published September of 2019, ACI released a research report on the cultural equity gap entitled "Moves Toward Equity: Perspectives of Arts Leaders of Color". Choreographed in response to this research, Aysha presents here a stunning artistic interpretation and engagement with the findings of the report.

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This talk with Debby Irving, a racial justice educator and writer, is designed to be a 101 for white people about what white privilege and institutional racism are and how they manifest. 

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We, the Board and leadership of Martha’s Vineyard Nonprofit Collaborative, believe strongly that treating all people fairly, equally and with true respect is at the very core of our values. Equality is a right for all, not just for some.  We stand on the side of justice, in solidarity with the Black community.

We support changes in our laws and behaviors that eliminate systemic discrimination, thus eroding our ability to foster vibrant institutions and communities. 

As an organization, we commit to leading an effort to contribute externally to a more just, equal and inclusive Island community and also to taking tangible steps within our organization. We plan to make efforts through our work to create dialogue and give voice to our black community. In support of the Island’s nonprofit community’s continuing efforts to make real progress toward diversity, equity and inclusion - we stand with you. Black lives matter.

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