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Institute for Nonprofit Practice

The Core Certificate Program in Leadership equips nonprofit leaders with the skills, knowledge, and networks they need to make strategic, mission-driven decisions.

The Institute For Nonprofit Practice (INP) Core Certificate Program in Nonprofit Leadership is through Tufts University's Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service, designed for current executive nonprofit leaders and emerging nonprofit leaders. The 7-month program differs from other professional development courses, with its emphasis placed equally on leadership, self-awareness, and personal growthIt is relevant and open to all types and sizes of nonprofit organizations.  

The Martha's Vineyard Nonprofit Collaborative (MVNC)as part of their capacity building initiatives, has worked with INP to modify the program to make it accessible to Vineyard nonprofit leaders. The INP curriculum combines traditional classroom learning in a monthly full-day, intensive management seminar format on the Cape, with small group practice seminars on Island 3x a month. The program runs from October-April. 

"The INP Core Certificate Program is an excellent hands-on program for nonprofit leaders to gain critical skills while interacting with peers facing similar challenges. The collaboration we have seen has been outstanding, capitalizing on respective strengths and avoiding duplication, which is crucial when resources are scarce." 

- Robert Egerton, Board Chair Emeritus, MV Community Services


The INP program addresses several issues specific to the Vineyard:

 Leadership transitions. As baby boomers retire, many organizations do not have a large enough staff to provide succession from inside. Some of those taking the lead are younger and less experienced, and the INP program offers tangible benefits from factual and experiential learning.

 Access to professional development. Professional development is challenging for nonprofits due to the Island's isolated location. These programs and expenses to travel off-Island for classes are typically too high for small nonprofits. INP provides access to professional development in important skills in budgeting, marketing, fundraising, staff management, Board engagement, etc.

 Strengthening nonprofit collaboration. The Island has over 100+ nonprofits. To be sustainable, we need more partnering, collaboration, and mergers; this requires bonds of trust and honest communication between nonprofits whose mission serves a similar "space," and those who can benefit from increased collaboration. INP has a proven track record of building these strong bonds between cohort members that last long after graduation. Stronger collaboration among nonprofits will have a more significant, collective impact on the community and maximize most nonprofits' limited resources.

The real impact of this program will be felt over time as more and more Vineyard nonprofit leaders take this course. Better managers will lead to better nonprofits but the growing network of leaders willing to work together and collaborate will deliver an even more significant benefit to the Island. Download the 2018-2020 report here:

2018_2020 INP Report.pdf


28 Leaders from different Island nonprofit organizations will have participated from the Institute for Nonprofit Practice Core Certificate Program.  Please help us congratulate their achievement.


Erin Ready / Edgartown Board of Trade

Ann Smith / Featherstone Center for the Arts 

PJ Finn / MVY Radio

Katy Fuller / Martha's Vineyard Museum

Nancy Tutko / Sherif Meadow Foundation

Silas Jones / Slough Farm Foundation

Chloe Jones / The Yard

Samantha Look / Vineyard Conservation Society

Deborah Jernegan / Vineyard Montessori School


Emma Green Beach / Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group

Sidney Morris / Chappaquiddick Community  Center

Christopher Anderson / Island Housing Trust

Emily Reddington / Great Pond Foundation

Shelley Edmundson / Martha’s Vineyard Fisherman Preservation Trust

Leslie Clapp / Center for Living

Kayte Morris / Island Food Pantry

Hilary Dreyer / Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival

Kristina West / Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society


Amy Houghton /  MV Hospital (previously at Martha’s Vineyard Community Services)

Sam Hart / The Trustees

CJ Rivard / Campground Association 

Sarah McKay / Misty Meadows Equine Learning Center

Tom Hallahan / Hospice Martha’s Vineyard

Posie Hager / Featherstone Center for the Arts

Nevette Previd / Martha’s Vineyard Nonprofit Collaborative

Emily Armstrong / Island Grown Initiative 

Kate Desrosiers / The Vineyard House


Andria Jason / Permanent Endowment of Martha's Vineyard


Thank you to our 2020/2021 supporters:

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation

Cape and Islands United Way

Martha's Vineyard Nonprofit Collaborative

Rotary Club of Martha's Vineyard

The Permanent Endowment for Martha's Vineyard 

Dr. James Weiss

Mr. Gerald Jones

Mrs. Carol Kenney

The Wilks Family Foundation

The Vineyard Fund for Board Education and Development 

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INP 2018/19 Class: From left to right: Sam Hart, Amy Houghton, Posie Haeger, Sarah McKay, Emily Armstrong, Kate Desrosiers, Thomas Hallahan, CJ Rivard, (Nevette Previd is absent)

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